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The current market volatility and the global coronavirus pandemic have put our industry on the defensive. These world-class fintech providers are here to support you during the crisis with greatly expanded trial periods to help you serve your clients & prospects during this difficult time. 

Resilient Advisor Crisis Management Toolkit

Bring Order To Chaos

Stress test portfolios, streamline your models & up your communications game! YCharts offers a powerful investment research platform built to help you make smarter investment decisions and visually communicate your insights.



NOW is the time to prospect and find opportunities to serve investors who are scared. Lead Pilot makes it easy to with a tool that makes it simple to do more with less. Email & Social Media communication has never been easier. 

Calm your client's nerves with a simple Reprofiling of their risk tolerance leveraging the world's first financial psychology toolkit. Using more than 40 years of data and findings that shaped the best-selling book, 'The Millionaire Next Door.'

Don't let your clients ruin their retirement by selling out of the market at the wrong time! This Time Segmentation tool can help map out a retirement income strategy to weather this storm and thrive during the next bull market.

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