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Growing Your Business Through Corporate Wellness Programs with Rick Kent (EP125)

The area of 'Financial Wellness' has become a hot topic in financial services, but most programs are not authentic and struggle to really add value. In this interview Rick Kent shares his vision of how a well built corporate financial wellness program can help employees, employers and financial advisory firms in a truly and win-win-win collaboration.

Rick Kent is the CEO and founder of Merit Advisors and the founder of Mentoro, a corporate financial wellness provider.

He is ranked as the #1 advisor at LPL. Merit has $3 billion AUM, 10 offices in 6 states, with 71 employees as well as a $700M+ RIA platform for independent partners.

We Discuss:

-> History of 401ks.

-> A background on corporate financial wellness programs.

-> How a corporate financial wellness program is implemented.

-> How 35% of all employees are struggling with debt and that has an impact on their stress levels and performance.

-> How 'Collaborative Financial Wellness' and 'Boots on the Ground' are the only way to get results.

-> The role of Behavioral Finance in financial wellness.

-> How a 'mentor' is different from a financial advisor and how they collaborate.

-> The retirement crisis in America.

-> How corporate wellness programs will adapt to the post pandemic world.

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