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The Future Of The Financial Advisor With eMoney Advisor CEO Ed O’Brien

On this episode of The Resilient Advisor Podcast I am joined by Ed O'Brien who is the CEO of eMoney Advisor. He shares his thoughts on what The Future of the Financial Advisor looks like. His firm is releasing a report on the "Flex-Gen Advisor" in the 4th quarter that you will want to get your hands on when it is released.

Issues we discuss:

  • How could Artificial Intelligence play into the advisor-client relationship?

  • Trends in the planning-focused community as it relates to preparing for volatility and the next bear market?

  • What the role of the financial advisor looks like in 2028.

  • The integration of eMoney with portfolio management systems such as Black Diamond and Orion.

  • potential consolidation coming in fintech and what would that look like for the advisor and client?

  • What he would you say to clients who may still feel as though a purely investment advisory relationship is sufficient for their family.

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