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Stress Management For Financial Advisors With Dr. Jack Singer

Dr. Jack Singer joins Jay Coulter on The Resilient Advisor Podcast to discuss two issues that hold many financial advisors back: Stress & The Impostor Syndrome. We also dive into "Learned Optimism" and how it impacts financial advisors.

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Facebook: @DrJackTheFunSpeaker

Twitter: @drjacksinger


About Dr. Jack Singer (From his website)

I am a nationally-renowned psychologist, professional Keynote speaker, author, trainer, mentor and consultant to financial advisor organizations I enjoy utilizing cutting-edge research in the fields of Positive Psychology, Resiliency, and Neuroplasticity, combined with humor and audience engagement to deliver results-driven inspiration and techniques to ensure that all finance professionals and audience members leave your event energized, entertained, educated, and alive with new career possibilities.
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