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Resilience & Redemption with Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton

If you are not familiar with Suzy’s story, she is a three-time olympic track and field star. She went on to become a spokeswoman for Disney and then started moonlighting as a high priced escort in Las Vegas. Once she was exposed it became tabloid fodder and her career appeared ruined. She has told her story on Dr. Phil and ABC’s 20/20 and her new book, Fast Girl, is a New York Times best seller. This interview was originally recorded for The Conquer Worry Podcast and instantly became one of the shows most popular episode, having been downloaded in over 90 countries. I reached out and asked her if I could share this interview on this new Financial Advisor focused podcast and she was all for it because it is a story of mental resilience and professional redemption. This is a story of resilience. Personal and professional resilience.



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