EP110 The Millionaire Next Door's Lens On Today's Market Chaos With Dr. Sarah Fallaw

Dr. Sarah Fallaw, co-author of 'The Next Millionaire Nextdoor' and President of DataPoints came on the podcast to discuss how psychological tools and risk re-profiling can help you with your clients in this market.

Get An Extended Trail Of DataPoints: www.jaycoulter.com/resilient

Calm your client's nerves with a simple re-profiling of their risk tolerance leveraging the world's first financial psychology toolkit. Using more than 40 years of data and findings that shaped the best-selling book, 'The Millionaire Next Door.'

Connect on Twitter:

Sarah: https://twitter.com/sarahfallaw

DataPoints: https://twitter.com/DataPts

Pick-up A Copy Of The Book: www.thenextmillionairenextdoor.com



The current market volatility and the global coronavirus pandemic have put our industry on the defensive. These world-class fintech providers are here to support you during the crisis with greatly expanded trial periods to help you serve your clients & prospects during this difficult time. 

More Information Can Be Found Here: https://www.jaycoulter.com/resilient

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