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How To Train Your Mind Like A World Class Athlete with Russ Rausch

My guest on this episode is Russ Rausch of Vision Pursue. Russ and his team consult with professional athletes, coaches and corporate organizations. He teaches his clients how to improve performance by changing the way they think.

What We Discuss:

We all carry an 8-1 'Negativity Ratio' with our thoughts. This impacts performance.

How to train your brain to influence your thoughts via an understanding of the chemical reaction in your brain.

The Four Elements

1. Expectations, Judgement and Control

2. Emotions

3. Identity & Purpose

4. Mindfulness & Meditation

The Visions Pursue SEE Model




How Phil Jackson, John Wooden and Nick Saban focus on the PROCESS, not the RESULT.

Learn More About Vision Pursue's Training &

If you liked this episode, Russ's partner Jon McGraw came on an earlier podcast to discuss how to build a performance mindset -

About Russ Rausch

Russ is an executive with over 16 years of C-Level experience with companies in the hedge fund and technology sectors. Before VP, Russ was the COO of the hedge fund Emil van Essen in Chicago. He was also part of the executive team that took the trading software firm, Trading Technologies, Inc. (TT), from a 20-person startup to a successful 650-person global company as CFO, Head of Global Support, and EVP of Global Buyside Sales.

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